I finally got my hands on the much talked about Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette! Yes,it really does smell like chocolate, which can be a problem in the morning cause it makes me want some chocolate!

I bought mine from hsn.com and was able to take advantage of a first time shopper discount code. Which brought my total down to $20! It comes with a full sized shadow insurance, so this was quite a steal!

The palette smells so yummy and all the colors are super pigmented and buttery smooth. I have really been enjoying this palette and can't believe how shimmery and beautiful the Champagne Truffle shade is. I also really love the golden shade Creme Brulee. So many pretty colors, so many pretty looks, but yet so little time! It does come with a small pamphlet with step by step instructions for 3 different looks which came in handy to help get me started on some ideas. I also like to search YouTube for tutorials for more inspiration. 

Some have complained about the packaging as it only closes by magnets and doesn't snap shut like the naked 2 and 3 palettes, but this doesn't bother me as I plan to keep it in the box it came in so it will be safe when traveling. I have also heard people say they don't like the plastic sleeve with the shade names and that it would have been better to print the names directly on the palette. I am fine with this too as I plan on taping the sleeve to the mirror inside so it stays put and still protects the eyeshadows and mirror.

Below are some pics of the palette in all of its beautiful glory. Also, be sure to watch my YouTube video here: Too Faced Chocolate Bar Video

Stay sweet my friends!


Miarara V said...

This reminds me quite a bit of the Bourjois chocolate bronzer, whih also smells of chocolate!
I'm not sure if you're into tags but I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog :)
Miarara x

Sweets said...

That's awesome! Too Faced also has a bronzer that smells like chocolate. I have always wanted to try the Bourjois makeup. Perhaps we could do a swap?

P.S. Thanks for the nomination!