Pregnancy Discovery: 8/6/16
Pregnancy Confirmation: 8/8/16
First ultrasound: 8/18/16
Lab Tests: 8/19/16
Nurse appt: 8/25/16
1st Doctor appt: 8/31/16
Second Ultrasound (gender reveal): 9/2/16
Second Doctor appt: 10/3/16
Next Doctor appt (glucose test): 11/1/16 - failed test :(
3 hour glucose test: 11/4/16 - passed!
Next Doctor appt: 11/14/16
Next Doctor appt: 11/28/16
Lamaze class: 12/05/16
Next Doctor appt: 12/12/16
Baby care class: 12/14/16
Next Doctor appt: 12/28/16
Next Doctor appt: 1/9/17
Next Doctor appt: 1/16/17

8/18/16 - Ultrasound went great, baby is progressing along nicely. Will be able to tell gender at the next ultrasound in two weeks :) Was confirmed at 17 weeks and 6 days. It was sooo amazing seeing my baby on the screen, it all finally seemed so real! Mom and hubby were there as well to experience this amazing event :)

8/19/16 - Had 4 vials taken today, never had that much taken before, I ended up feeling very dizzy and was seeing stars. I had to sit still for a while and drink apple juice. I am definitely not a fan of having blood work done!

8/25/16 - Met with the nurse to go over my medical history, then she gave me a packet of information to take home. She explained everything in the packet and things I need to do, so much to it!

8/31/16 - First appointment with the doctor went well. Did routine exams and got to listen to baby's heartbeat for the first time! BPM was 150 which is a sign it's a girl, but we shall see :) Listen to baby's heartbeat here:

9/2/16 - 2nd ultrasound - this was an extra long ultrasound as they needed to take measurements of everything. Baby is doing great and all measurements are as they should be, which was such a relief. We wanted to film this ultrasound as they would be confirming gender, but we were not allowed. Instead they had us look away as they wrote it on an ultrasound photo and we went home and did a reveal video. We are having a girl and we are so excited! Name will be: Emilia Ashley Stiles. We can't wait to meet you! 

10/3/16 - 2nd doctor appointment went very well. Doctor confirmed that everything is going great with baby and I am right on track with size and weight. Size is 25cm and weight is 128lbs. We listened to baby's heartbeat and it was 150bpm. She even kicked during the listening ;)  Doctor was pleased with movement and heartbeat, very active and happy baby she said. I was given the drink to do the glucose test which will be on 11/1. I have heard people either like the drink or hate it so we shall see what I think. I will need to drink this in 5 min and then get my blood drawn within the hour. Very time sensitive. Good news is my blood type is A+ which means I will not need all the other tests that are required if I had a minus blood type so that is a relief :) Stay tuned for next appt!

11/1/16 - Had my 1 hour glucose test today with the orange drink. I was able to drink this in about 2 min and 50 seconds. It wasn't as bad as some people said it was going to be. I had forgotten the morning of the test and had a bowl of ctc which I believe caused me to fail. I am scheduled for this Friday at 8 am to take the 3 hour glucose test to determine if I really have GD or not. Wish me luck! I also had my regular OB appointment to check on baby and everything is going great. My weight is at 138.4 and baby's heartbeat was good and strong, even gave some kicks and doctor was trying to determine her position. :)

11/4/16 - Got to the doctors about about 7:45. Signed in and had blood drawn around 8:30 am. Drank an even more sugary drink and had blood drawn 3 more times. First few blood draws were perfectly fine, but the very last one they had trouble getting the blood out of my arm so they poked me even harder and darn did that hurt! Then they told me I was all set and would be getting a call later with the results. Left the hospital about 11:30 and had lunch with Mom at Panera. We were at walmart after when the doctor finally called and let me know that my glucose test was normal, thank goodness! Now on to my next regular OB appointment on the 14th :)

11/14/16 - Another great appt. Weight was 138, uterus measuring correctly, baby's heartbeat was strong and steady at 140. We discussed my birth plan, getting signed up for classes and finding a pediatrician. I will now be going every two weeks until week 36 then it will be every week.

11/28/16 - Appt went well. Met with another doctor today. Uterus is measuring correctly, 32 cm. My weight is 141.8 lbs. Baby's heartbeat was 150. I let the doctor know that I think I experienced braxton hicks contractions the night before on 11/27. My stomach was tight and I felt like I was having menstrual cramps. The doctor informed me that this was braxton hicks. 

12/05/16 - Tonight was the first lamaze class. Everyone introduced themselves and said what they were having. Most everyone is having a girl, only 2 with boys. We watched a couple of videos and then took a tour of the delivery ward. We saw the birthing rooms and the post partum rooms. We found the class very informative. We will have two more classes plus a basic childcare class.

12/12/16 - Went to another appt and met another doctor. My weight was 144.8 and baby's heartbeat was good and strong. Uterus was also measuring perfectly on target at 35 cm. Next week I will be 36 weeks and will be going to appts every week.

12/14/16 - Tonight we went to the basic baby care class where we learned about bathing a newborn, dressing them and changing their diaper. Good to brush up on the basics. We also learned how to put them in the carseat properly. We got to grab a child's toothbrush on the way out as well which was pretty cool.  The fake baby was a little creepy looking though...

12/28/16 - Weight was 147 and baby's heartbeat was good and strong. Uterus was also measuring right on target and I am currently at 37 weeks. I am going every week until my due date. I have now met every doctor except for Dr. Lucas.

1/9/17 - Another excellent appt. Weight is currently at 150,4 and uterus is again measuring right on target. Baby's heartbeat was also sounding great at about 142 bpm. Today I was supposed to meet with Dr. Lucas, but he was unavailable. Also had WIC appt today and got qualified for food and nutrition assistance. 

1/10/17 - A series of unfortunate events as I was in a car accident around 8:15 am on my way to work this morning. I didn't take the the time to clean my window off properly and ended up rear ending someone. My air bag deployed which means that my car is now totaled. I asked to be brought to the hospital to check on baby and was kept  there for about 4 hours to be monitored. They gave me an ultrasound to check on baby and everything was perfectly fine. Accident was scary, but I was grateful to be able to see my baby again. I had not had an ultrasound since my 20 week appt. I was also having regular contractions which could have been brought on by the accident, so they checked me a couple of times to see if I was dilated and I was not so they sent me home. I finally got to meet Dr. Lucas! He was fabulous and I won't mind at all if he ends up delivering my baby. I was sore and had a bruise on my stomach as well as a banged up knee that I don't recall happening at the time, but I was so thankful that everything was ok. Now on to car shopping once again while we drive a rental...

1/16/17 - Hubby brought me to this appt as I am now not driving until after baby is born. Weight was 154 and baby's heartbeat is 145. Uterus is also again measuring right on target. Blood pressure was a bit high at the start of the appt, but they checked again before I left and it was good. They also checked my cervix for any dilation, but nothing yet. Due date is this Friday!!!

1/23/17 - Thought my water had broke so I called my mom and she came out. We headed to the hospital, but turns out I had just leaked some fluid. I was not dilated at all so they sent me home, but had me go to my regular scheduled ultrasound and doc appt later in the day. The ultrasound showed a happy, healthy baby and all fluid in tact. I was still not dilated at my doc appt so we went home to wait. Mom is staying with us until baby arrives. Any moment now!

1/25/17 - Contractions are now 5-7 min apart so we headed to the hospital. They started last night and I was up all night timing them. Once we arrived, I was admitted and when they checked me I was 3cm dilated. They came back a couple of hours later and I was up to 6cm dilated! Unfortunately they discovered that baby's heartbeat was dropping so they recommended a c-section right away. Once I signed the paperwork, I was hauled away, mom came with me. The procedure was so fast, I was in and out in like 10 minutes and little Emilia was born! The doctors all did a wonderful job. Here is my beautiful little girl: